Slidell A/C Repair

With over 15 years in the A/C and heating business, Bethancourt A/C and Heating LLC is family-owned and operated and proud to offer the best, most affordable service in the Slidell area. If your A/C needs repairing, you have the Bethancourt family guarantee to be there within hours of placing the call, even on nights and weekends.

Customer service is the foundation of our business. As soon as we complete a repair, we always follow up with a customer service review survey by email. We do this not only to make sure that our customers are satisfied, but so that we also can learn how to improve for future clients. This dedication to excellence is why we are proud to be Slidell’s number one choice for all things A/C repair.


Whenever we are called upon to repair a Slidell air conditioner, there will never be any surprises. Our pricing is always upfront and consistent. Take a look at our prices below, as this is exactly what you will be charged once our work is complete.

Service call to diagnose the problem: $85

Service and cleaning: $85

Capacitor Replacement: $45

Service and cleaning for Crossgates Family Fitness Members: $80

Motor replacement: Between $495 and $975 (Prices will vary depending on the make and model of your air conditioner)

Blow drain line cleaning: $25

Homeowners, if you want your A/C to be firing on all cylinders again without being blindsided by hidden fees and extra costs, call (985) 290-0637 to speak to one of our trusted technicians today.

Common Problems

After repairing A/C units for over 15 years, we have encountered hundreds of different problems with Slidell air conditioners. And although we have all the necessary expertise to diagnose the issue, recognizing what’s wrong with your system can often save us valuable time to get your home cool and comfortable. Some of the most common problems we encounter with air conditioning units include:

  • Faulty wiring. Shoddy or uncertified wiring is not only a fire hazard, but it could also be the reason it’s not working.
  • Low refrigerant. Reduced levels of refrigerant, what cools the air within your air conditioner, could mean there is a leak or problem with the system.
  • Outside fan is broken. The outside fan is responsible for transferring heat from your home to the outdoors. If the fan isn’t functioning properly, serious damage can be done to your unit’s compressor.
  • Outside unit is not functioning. A capacitor, contactor, or a faulty thermostat are usually the culprits.
  • Coil is frozen. If the coil is frozen, there is usually an issue with airflow. Dirty air filters or obstructed return air ductwork may be what’s causing the problem. It could also be an issue with low refrigerant.

If all you know is that your air conditioner isn’t keeping your home cool and comfortable or that it’s been making strange noises, don’t worry. When you call (985)-290-0637, one of our trained and certified air conditioner repair technicians will be there within hours to diagnose and solve the problem.